Uh-oh: Expert claims drinking tea stains your teeth MORE than coffee

A cup of tea always feels like the perfect solution for whatever problem is going on in our lives – a sleepy morning, a stressful moment, or loved ones needing comforting words in times of need.

However, sipping on a cuppa may cause a problem of its own: the discolouration of your teeth.

We've long been warned about how coffee can take away our teeth's pearly shine, but to be honest, we thought we were safe with tea!

In reality, Jordan Kirk, an expert for dental brand White Glo, says that tea may even stain our teeth more than a cup of joe.

"Tooth enamel is naturally porous and can absorb the tannins in tea, leading to unpleasant brown discolouration of your teeth," he told The Sun.

Victor R Preedy, author of Tea in Health and Disease Prevention, claims that green tea contains the highest level of tannins.

As well, theaflavins and thearubigins are components of tannins, The Independent reports, which is a substance used in the tanning of leather.

However, tannins aren't all bad. Some of them are antioxidants, which have been found to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Either way, we'll sure to brush extra well after our next late-night brew!