Top 3 Vegan-Friendly Bathroom Products

Choosing vegan-friendly products protects your body from harmful chemicals and ensures you have a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. It can be overwhelming to make the decision to swap to vegan-friendly products, and it can be difficult to work out what products are the best for you. 

This easy guide makes transitioning to vegan-friendly bathroom products a breeze. These products are packed full of goodness and healthy benefits without the risks of harmful additives.

Want to revitalise your oral care routine with vegan-friendly products but don’t know where to start? This blog is the perfect guide for you.  

Choosing vegan-friendly bathroom products is the better choice for your body and our planet. With no harmful additives and plenty of teeth healing vitamins and minerals, these three products are the perfect addition to your oral care routine. 

3. Pure & Natural Whitening Toothpaste

White Glo Pure and Natural is the perfect choice for a natural whitening toothpaste. Vegan-friendly and safe from harmful additives, this premium toothpaste is ideal for daily use. There is absolutely no paraben, bleaches or SLS in this product, making it a natural cleanser that is perfectly safe for your family. 

Pure & Natural Whitening Toothpaste is packed full of natural cleansers that will help you achieve that beautiful white smile without any of the nasty chemicals. It is the perfect solution against yellowing, discolouration and plague. The natural formula gently removes stains and combats these blemishes, and will leave your mouth feeling super fresh after every clean.

Plus, this toothpaste is environmentally friendly. It comes with a bamboo toothbrush and does not contain harmful bleaches that are bad news for our environment. By choosing to introduce this toothpaste to your oral care routine, you are choosing vegan-friendly, environmentally sustainable and a natural toothpaste with no harmful chemicals or bleaches. 

2. Accelerator Teeth Whitening Kit

Vegan-friendly, fast and effective - the Accelerator Teeth Whitening Kit by White Glo is a must for your oral care routine. It utilises dentist technology and blue spectrum to activate the White Glo whitening gel, removing stains, yellowing and discolouration in a flash!

This product is very safe and includes no harmful additives. It’s vegan-friendly status means it’s a great choice for your family and the environment. Plus, you see results straight away. From its very first use, your teeth will begin to look whiter. 

1. Coconut Oil Shine Toothpaste

The Coconut Oil Shine Whitening Toothpaste is 100% vegan, provides the ultimate clean and gives you whiter, shiner teeth. Coconut Oil has been revered as a holistic healing remedy throughout history. With regular use, this toothpaste will improve oral health and prevent tooth decay whilst giving you shiner, whiter teeth.

The move towards vegan-friendly, environmentally friendly bathroom products doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By shopping the products above, you can guarantee high quality oral care without any of the harmful additives.