Proper Brushing Techniques When You Have Braces

The pursuit of straight, healthy, and gorgeous teeth isn't always an easy one, especially if you opt to have braces. These powerful devices are sure to get your pearly whites in perfect formation, but they sure can make it difficult to brush properly. 

Still, brushing your teeth thoroughly isn't something you should neglect. Doing so could result in cavities or even yellow stains on your teeth. That's why we've developed a guide for how to brush your teeth with braces step by step. Those brackets and wires are no match for these five techniques.

1. Create a routine

Everyone should be brushing twice a day, but this is extra important for people with braces. If you want to keep those teeth bright and beautiful, you'll need to make dental hygiene a part of your morning and bedtime routine.

Once it becomes a normal part of your daily life, it'll feel like much less of a chore. Worried that twice a day isn't enough? Many people also add an afternoon brushing session into their routine.

2. Use the right tools

A cheap toothbrush is simply no match for bulky braces. That's why you should have a prepared drawer or shelf of dental hygiene tools. This includes mouthwash, floss, a floss threader, and an electric or high-quality manual toothbrush. 

We also recommend having interdental brushes, which help you clean the gaps in your teeth and harder-to-reach areas. If you don't have a mirror in your washroom, it's also wise to have a small one in your toolkit.

3. Swish and rinse

Before you begin brushing, swish and rinse your mouth out with water. This will loosen food particles, making them much easier to remove. Be sure to follow up by removing any removable orthodontic pieces, such as elastics. 

We suggest rinsing your mouth again after you've finished brushing and flossing. This time, you can use either water or an antibacterial mouthwash to eliminate any leftover food particles.

4. Angle your brush

When brushing with braces, it's most effective to start with your brush at a 45-degree angle, brushing along your gum line. You can then shift your brush to clean the tops of your brackets and then shift it again to brush underneath. 

Once you've cleaned around the brackets thoroughly, brush the inner surfaces of your teeth. Make sure you don't neglect any teeth as you clean both the outer and inner sections.

5. Brush for longer

Though most people are told to brush for at least two minutes, those with braces should brush for longer. This is because you may need more time to properly brush both your braces and teeth, especially while you're first getting into the habit of doing so. Once brushing and flossing become a regular part of your daily routine, you'll likely need less time.

White Glo makes cleaning your teeth simple

Though cleaning your teeth thoroughly when you have braces can be difficult, it's far from impossible. We recommend pairing the above techniques with our premium dental care products and packages. Since our beginnings in 1993, we at White Glo have made it our mission to develop impressive products that people can rely on, including several toothbrushes for braces.

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