Jessica Gomes’ Smile Evolution

Jessica Gomes is our newest brand ambassador. She’s renowned for her iconic smile and stellar modelling career. Featured in high-profile publications including Sports Illustrated and Harper’s Bazaar, Jessica Gomes is a true Australian beauty that we are proud to be partnering with. 

Jessica Gomes ARIAs

1. Aria AWARDS Smile

This beautiful smile is from the 2013 Aria Awards. In this year, Gomes was renowned for her work in acting during this time. The year before her Transformers: Age of Extinction appearance, her smile here is iconic. Graceful and stunningly beautiful, this smile truly showcases her confident personality. 

Jessica Gomes Catwalk

2. Catwalk Smile - Bold and Beautiful

Jessica’s premier smile is iconic. Bold and badass, this smile captures her beauty and suave personality. We love this smile, and you can recreate it using our White Glo products.

Jessica Gomes Cover Women's Health

3. Cover-girl Smile

This is one of our favourite smiles of Jessica’s. Her happiness here is infectious and we love how stunningly beautiful her teeth look. Her beauty is truly captured in this photo and we love the infectious smile pictured here so much. 

Jessica Gomes Poolside White Glo Smile

4. Her White Glo smile

Our favourite smile by far. Jessica’s White Glo smile has been crafted by our Accelerator Teeth Whitening Kit. She uses this kit on her travels due to its ease, effectiveness and premier dental technology. Gomes has trusted White Glo to look after her smile for years. You can purchase our Accelerator Teeth Whitening Kit here.

Some other products that we recommend for creating a smile like Jessica’s include:

Bite & Brush Teeth Whitening Tablets: 

Backed by leading cosmetic dentist Dr. Aodhan Docherty, the Bite & brush Toothpaste Tablets are vegan-friendly and provide a guilt-free brushing experience. Reducing plastic waste due to no longer needing toothpaste tubes, these tablets offer professional teeth whitening from natural ingredients. 

Charcoal Deep Stain Remover Mouthwash:

Mouthwash is a good companion to ensuring a whiter smile. We recommend the White Glo Charcoal Deep Stain Remover Mouthwash to ensure a deep-clean. Adept at removing difficult stains, this will ensure your teeth are blindingly white and clean after every brush. 

Flexible Dental Flosser Toothpicks:

Our White Glo Flexible Dental Flosser toothpicks make flossing a breeze. Reach those difficult areas without hassle and ensure you get a thorough clean. This product works well with the above products. 

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