How to Land a New Year’s Kiss

It’s that time of the year again when New Year’s celebrations are getting planned and another year is coming to a close. It's time to start planning your New Year's kiss. 

Here are our top 5 tips for landing a New Year's kiss. 

Flossing Image


Flossing is a simple trick that can help improve your breath and make you feel more confident in your smile. Our White Glo Eco-Friendly Flosser Picks are a great option to make flossing a breeze. 

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Smiling is pivotal in helping to secure that New Year's kiss. Smiling shows that you are confident and is more attractive to others. A smile can go a long way in helping you to land the New Year’s kiss of your dreams. 

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Check Your Breath:

Nobody wants to kiss someone with bad breath. Ensuring your breath is minty fresh will help secure your New Year’s hookup. Alcohol, food and cigarettes can really do a number on your breath, and all of these are common sights at New Years celebrations. 

Our Bite & Brush Toothpaste Tablets make keeping your breath fresh on the go simple. Simply bite and brush for 2 minutes to ensure your breath is as good as new. Vegan-friendly and made from premier ingredients that will ensure a guilt-free brush, these tablets are your saviour this New Years. Minty breath will help you to secure your kiss at midnight this New Years. 

Confidence is key image

Confidence is Key:

Be confident. Remember that you can always fake it till you make it this New Years. Dress up, make yourself feel good and use confident body language to help reel in your New Year's kiss. 

Have fun and focus on being present in the event, and try to not let anxious and negative thoughts bother you. Confidence will make you seem more attractive to others and will help you to secure your New Year’s special kiss. 

Image for Relax


Don’t overthink it. Relax at the event and again, focus on being present in the moment. People can tell when you’re stressed and in your own head and it’s a major turnoff. Instead, focus on trying to be relaxed and be present in the event. Let loose and have fun!

This will help you secure your New Years kiss as it’ll make you seem more attractive. Plus, when you’re more comfortable, you’ll be more confident and self-assured which means you can socialise readily. All of this will help you secure your kiss this New Year’s midnight. 

Final Thoughts:

New Years is fast approaching and securing your New Year's kiss can be quite daunting. However, by following the above tips you are well on your way to landing the New Year’s kiss of your dreams this January. 

Having a confident smile will help you secure your dream kiss this New Year. Shop our range of products today.