Emergency Dental Care: What You Need To Know

Some people put off going to the dentist when they know something's wrong, typically out of fear of high costs or the treatment itself. However, doing so could have consequences that affect both you and your wallet in the long run. 

So, how do you know if you're really in need of emergency dental care? What are the benefits of seeking out help from a dental professional right away? We'll answer all that and more below.

Know when to seek out emergency dental care

There are some injuries that simply can't wait for a routine dentist appointment. If you experience any of the following dental problems, it's critical that you seek out emergency dental care. Otherwise, your injury and the resulting pain may worsen.

  • Broken tooth — While minor chips aren't particularly urgent, you should see a dentist ASAP for severe chips or breaks. This is especially true if you're in pain as a result.
  • Swollen jaw — A swollen jaw is a symptom of severe infection, along with a fever, trouble breathing, difficulty swallowing, and having a bad taste in your mouth.
  • Bleeding gums — If your gums are bleeding excessively to the point that it causes you pain, you could be displaying a symptom of gum disease.
  • Persistent sore — Open sores, like canker sores, shouldn't linger in your mouth for over two weeks. This is a sign that the sore may have become infected.
  • Lost tooth — There are many different ways to have a tooth knocked out, such as falling or playing sports. Seeing a dentist immediately is essential to saving the tooth.
  • Lost filling — If you've lost a crown or filling, it's important for you to seek out dental care right away to prevent any more damage to your tooth.

Please note, if you feel severe pain in your teeth or gums that isn't associated with the above issues, you should still seek out professional help immediately.

The benefits of emergency dental care

There are countless benefits to seeking out emergency dental care, including:

  • Pain relief — Near-immediate pain relief is a major reason not to put off going to the dentist. Why subject yourself to weeks or months of pain and discomfort when a dentist could relieve it for you? 
  • Lower costs — If you put off receiving emergency care, your injury could worsen, thus resulting in higher dental costs. This includes losing filling and crowns that have to be repaired.
  • Improved aesthetic — Feeling confident in your smile can be difficult with bleeding gums or missing teeth. Seeing a dentist right away will get your teeth and gums looking clean and healthy again.
  • Prevented infections — A dentist can stop infections before they get any worse. This is extremely important. Allowing infections to fester can put not only your oral health but also your life at risk.

Prevent emergency situations with White Glo's dental products

Outside of sudden accidents, you can prevent many emergency dental care situations by taking great care of your teeth. That's why Sydney-based business White Glo has developed a line of vegan-friendly and cruelty-free dental care products that prevent tooth decay. These products are optimised to leave you with a bright, white, and healthy smile. 

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